2. ac.care - Foster Care Services Staff

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2. ac.care – Foster Care Services Staff

ac-care staff hierachy

The Agency – ac.care

ac.care is a non-government organisation (NGO), created by country people for country people. The organisation started in 1986 because there was no teenage foster care service in Mount Gambier, South Australia. ac.care now services three regions, those being the Limestone Coast, Riverland and Murraylands. Within these regions you will find Foster Care Service teams that consist of a range of different workers. This can often be confusing to carers so here is a breakdown of worker roles and purpose.

Program Manager – Foster Care Services (Dani Atkinson)

  • Oversees and co-ordinates the case management of foster carers, the recruitment, assessment and training of new carers, and the placement of children;
  • Provides supervision to Regional Managers, Recruitment, Training and Retention Coordinator, and Program Support Officer (Recruitment, Assessment and Training).

Recruitment, Training and Retention Coordinator – Foster Care Services (Sally Smith)

  • Coordinates the recruitment, training and retention of volunteer carers with the aim of accrediting, developing and supporting them in the foster care process.
  • Works alongside marketing department to develop strategic campaigns for effective recruitment and communications around ac.care’s foster care service.

Regional Managers – Foster Care Services 

Murraylands (Tahila Angel), Riverland (Tenille Charters), Limestone Coast (Sherri Winter)

  • Provide supervision to family-based care staff and take primary responsibility for the delivery of the Foster Care service provided in each relevant location, including contract compliance, program performance and continuous quality improvement.

Compliance Officer – Out of Home Care (Tanya Glynn)

  • Works to ensure that compliance is met for Foster Care Services.
  • The compliance officer is responsible for Working with Children Check (WWCC) lodgement, updating and monitoring, record keeping and reporting on statistical data and more.

Program Support Officer – Foster Care Services (Tania Frankenburg)

  • Provides administrative support to Foster Care Services staff and management.
  • Will often send out emails on behalf of Foster Care Services to carers with regards to upcoming events or important information.

Business Support Officer – Out of Home Care (Katie Ireland)

  • Provides support to the Recruitment, Assessment and Training team as well as handling the training bookings for current foster carers.
  • The business support officer is also responsible for initial enquiries and registrations of interest, statistics and reporting for assessment statistics.
  • Assists the Recruitment, Training and Retention Coordinator for Foster Care Services.

Placement Support Workers (PSW)

  • Provide support to carers through placements and care concern processes when necessary (including mandatory 8 weekly home visits and sighting children every 16 weeks).
  • Respond to placement referrals (including taking part in duty days).
  • Conduct Annual Reviews and make ongoing assessments of carer competencies and more.

Recruitment, Training & Assessment Workers (RAT)

  • Conduct all steps required to undergo the full and thorough assessment and training of foster care applicants.
  • This includes ensuring that all applicants are appropriately screened, including obtaining references, GP reports, child protection checks, and WWCC clearances, facilitation of Shared Lives, Child Safe Environments, Safe Care of Infant and Specific Child Only Orientation training.
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