5. The Care Team

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5. The Care Team

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In Out of Home Care there are a number of members of the care team. The care team is a group of people who have some form of responsibility for the care of a child / young person. A care team consists of:

The Child: It’s important that the children under guardianship of the minister have their voice heard. Children in care have the right to understand why they are in care and to have their questions answered. Children in care have the right to know what information is kept about them, express their opinion about things that affect them and be involved in decisions about their life and care. For further information see the Charter of Rights for children and young people in care.

Department for Child Protection, Social Worker / Case Manager: Allocated to the child and required to conduct a visit to the care household every four weeks to ensure the well-being of the child.

Foster Carer: Offers primary care to a child under the guardianship of the minister and plays a vital role in advocating for the child’s needs given that they know the child best. Carers have the right to be informed about the care of a child, be involved in matters that affect them, be consulted on views, and be given adequate support, respect and consideration. For further information see the Foster Carers Charter.

ac.care, Placement Support Worker: Care households are assigned a Placement Support Worker to offer guidance and support throughout the care journey. Placement Support Workers are required to conduct home visits every 8 weeks. Carers can opt to increase the support they are receiving via home visit or phone call if needed. Placement Support Workers assist carers to keep on track with compulsory training including:

  • Child Safe Environments, Safe Care of Infants and keeping their DCSI up to date.

Other Service Providers or Key Professionals: Professionals may take part in care team meetings to help inform case direction for a child. This could include psychologists, counselors, school staff or other specialists.

Birth Families: Play part in the care team by developing the best possible relationship with their children. They are able to contribute to the care plan for their child where assessed this is appropriate. In general care, parents also address issues in order to attempt reunification with their children.

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